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Sweet Romance Cathedral Turquoise Cross Necklace N190 (Buy 2 Get 1 Free Mix & Match)


The "Cathedral Cross" necklace blends a natural, earthy palette with detailed metal elements. Interpret it for your own personal look, whether Southwestern, Renaissance, Traditional or Modernist. The cross is magnesite, a turquoise colored mineral. Accents include goldstone, seed pearls, and old Czech glass opal, jade, and amethyst. Exquisite filigrees, shaped like the architectural details in old cathedrals, cap each end. Worn for fashion or spirituality, the cross is the most enduring of all jewelry themes.

Cross measures 2-3/4"L x 2"W

Chain length choice:
16" with 4" Extender or
22" with 4" Extender
Burnished bronze metal finish.
Made in our Los Angeles, CA USA studio.

A cross represents a broad spectrum of ideas. As well as it's central Christian symbolism, it is viewed as a coordinate where north, south, east and west come together. It also joins the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. It is a spiritual, protective and ornamental emblem, beloved throughout the world.