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DAMODE BEAUTY Body Cream 250 g

Extracted from nature, this gentle, seductive French fragrance creates feminine beauty for women.
Used in nourishing white skin from the inside with natural essences contained in Snail Slime to help fade dark spots, pigmentation, dark skin areas. Helps become bright white, reduce skin dryness, and helps skin control hyperpigmentation. Body Cream ingredients uses Melanin, especially with concentrated antioxidants, to help increase skin elasticity and olive oil to help prevent aging and regenerate and restore damaged skin cells. Sweet ingredient, Almond Oil, helps improve skin surface structure and slow down the aging process of cells by restoring and regenerating new skin. Supplemented with Boosted by Beta Glucan, it softens and moisturizes the skin, increases the skin's ability to regenerate, and provides essential vitamins and fatty acids to the skin.
Snail, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Boosted by beta Glucan, Sugar Ferment lystate   Body Cream beauty of modern women.