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Be White Premium Placenta 450000mg - Bird's nest plus horse placenta Japan

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Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White - Bird's nest plus horse placenta

We all know, the placenta has many precious nutrients, not only for health needs but based on today's modern technology, it is also produced, serving the "perfect aging" for the skin.



  • The horse placenta in Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White contains up to 30,000 vitamins, 6 amino acids, and minerals that are not found in other mammals. Therefore, the horse placenta can be classified on the rare list.
  • They are rare not only because of the nutritional value they bring but also because the process of taking the placenta is not simple. A statistic in the US showed that only about 25% of the total purebred horses were placenta for production. The placenta is only taken at a certain time to ensure quality, so the number of them is very limited.
  • However, the use of the horse placenta for human health and beauty is so great. They help control the production of melanin, which acts on tyrosinase to help smooth pink-white skin.
  • In addition, the horse placenta also helps to nourish the body, increase blood circulation, support skin regeneration, eliminate toxins and improve skin structure. The regular use of the horse placenta will keep your skin young, full of vitality, and prevent the sagging aging process of the skin.
  • In the beauty field, the horse placenta is prepared in oral and topical form. However, with oral form, the nutrients in the placenta will be absorbed the most. Also because of such great benefits, when the horse placenta becomes the main ingredient of Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White, this product line has become more popular than ever.



  • The Japanese horse placenta enhances skin nutrients such as amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements. From there, keep the skin healthy, protect the skin (from the inside) from the bad effects of the environment, fade dark spots, pigmentation, freckles on the skin.
  • Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White helps to regenerate the skin, making the skin youthful, brighter, and plumper.
  • Another great use from the racehorse placenta is to replenish energy, impact Tyrosinase to help radiant white skin from within.
  • By neutralizing free radicals, Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White helps to support liver function, prevent aging.
  • Racehorse placenta also helps your body to have ideal health parameters, enhance resistance, very good for people with high workload, stress reduction, mental clarity.


Usage Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White
Take 1 pack before going to bed to get the best results.

Using Premium Placenta 450000mg Be White continuously from three to six months, you will see unexpected results with your changes.

At the end of the treament, you should maintain regular drinking each pack a week to ensure there is no shortage of nutrients in the body. In addition, you can combine topical skincare products to increase effectiveness.