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DERMA Acnes Serum 10 ml


Derma Acnes Serum  is a high-end cosmetic line under the Damode Derma brand from Korea. The product was born based on elaborate research, combining ingredients with the ability to prevent, treat and treat acne skin. Products extracted from nature, benign and friendly to sensitive skin, have been tested.


  • Tea tree extract:

In the product Derma Acnes Serum contains the polyphenol epigallocatechin-3-gallate (egcg) which is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, acne-causing agents, preventing and soothing skin sensitivity, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-inflammatory. aging and prevent UV damage. Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil exhibits a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity against bacteria.

  • Castor Oil:

This ingredient contains fatty acids called omega-3s. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial in wound healing and reducing collagen deposition, which helps the body minimize scar formation. These fatty acids in Derma Acnes Serum can go deep into your skin, promoting healthy cells to grow, and new skin tissue to grow. However, do not think that you will see results immediately after using castor oil for the first time, because it takes some time for scars to fade.

  • Allantoin:

In the product, it increases the ability to retain moisture, soothes the skin, fights irritation, exfoliates the stratum corneum, increases the amount of extracellular water, enhances exfoliation of dead cells, smoothes the skin, stimulates the production of skin cells. new, support wound healing quickly, for the skin to become firmer, naturally bright and healthy.

  • Potassium azeloyl diglycinate:

Derived from Azelaic Acid to help prevent acne, fade dark spots, whiten & moisturize.


Derma Acnes Serum has more features than many other acne products because of its benign uses.

  • Cleanse skin, shrink pores, inhibit sebum secretion.
  • Solve acne problems: acne, black head, white head, pustules, cystic acne, ...
  • Brighten skin, reduce dark spots left by acne.
  • Restore damaged skin, pitted scars, ...
  • Soften & smooth skin (moisturizes skin, and helps skin retain moisture deeply & long).
  • Protects the skin against harmful environmental agents (prevents free radicals, eliminates the penetration of UV rays to the skin).


  • Step 1: Clean the skin completely.
  • Step 2: Take 3-5 drops of Derma Acnes Serum and put it on the acne spots and then apply it evenly. Twice a day in the morning & evening or as directed.

Note: For severely inflamed skin, it is recommended to use it regularly and apply it all over the face to prevent infection.