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82x Collagen Sakura Classic 120000 - 500g

$135.00 $109.00

82x Beauty Collagen Classic.


Fish Collagen peptide: 120,000mg

82 kinds of fermented fruits and vegetables: apple, banana, kiwi, sesame… (5,000mg).

Hyaluronic Acid: 100mg

Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, B2, B6: 330mg

Cherry blossom extract (1,000mg);

Shark cartilage extract: 1,000mg;

Hydrolyzed elastin solution: 500mg;

Royal Jelly: 200mg

Glucosamine: 1,000mg

Camellia seed extract: 400mg


Collagen peptide combined with other powerful ingredients help increase skin elasticity and firmness; prevent signs of aging; stimulate collagen production inside the body; support stronger nails, bones, hair, and overall health.

How to use:

Drink 20ml before going to bed