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Body White Body D7 + D8 + D9 + D9 + D10 helps cleanse dead cells, nourish the skin effectively.

Smooth skin is what most women dream; But fortunately not to everyone. So do not be so sad, you can whiten your skin with a simple method at home – Use a body kit Top White D7 + D8 + D9 + D10.

White Skin D7
Recently, a study has given a rather interesting number to the idea that 50% of airborne dust comes from … the dead skin cells on our skin. Only in 24 hours, our skin was so dirty that it was so terrible. This is also the reason we should bathe every day no matter how busy or lazy.

As one of the “brand new” products launched in 2017, white skin whitening cream Top D7 effectively selected by many customers. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Collagen … With the successful application of nutrients Arbutin – skin whitening ingredients are usually found in the luxury cosmetics, Top White D7 It improves pigmentation, darkens dark spots and does not cause skin irritation when used.

White D8 White Bath Sponge
Top White D8 is in the category of “multi-zi-function” most effective body lotion Top White. D8 at the same time 4 features: white bath – skin care – sunscreen – makeup body. Usually, when using white skin creams, most women are afraid of side effects associated with such as dry skin, red skin … However, if your choice is Top White D8 then you completely Because these symptoms will not have a chance to occur.

One of the great strengths of the Top White body lotion is the successful application of moisturizers in the production. Of course, the White Top D8 white bath is not out of the way. With vitamin B group nutrients, pearl powder, collagen … D8 help remove dead skin cells on the skin surface, beat skin tone on the first use.

White Body Cream Top White D9
Indeed, rare body lotion products have many outstanding features such as D9. Top White D9 body lotion gives customers more benefits than they expect. In top quality body lotion Top White, D9 cream not only skin whitening that D9 also has the ability to smooth the nodules, support the treatment of some diseases on the skin such as: blisters, skin crack, skin inflammation. pores, or skin or irritation …

In addition to the perfect combination of D8 for improving skin tone, D9 is also used in conjunction with the best white skin lotion D7, which is ideal for everyday skin care. In case you want to simultaneously white bath – moisturizing – white body whitening, white body lotion and Top White bath gel is a great choice!

White Perfect Scrub Body D10
“How do you use a regular body cream that black is still black?” – Have you ever lost sleep or eat because of this problem?

There is a fact that, when skin care is not effective many women are blamed by … cream. However, there is one important reason why your skin does not improve at all is that you have missed skin exfoliating. Regular exfoliation removes dirt from the pores and helps the skin absorb nutrients.

Optional Top White D10 skin exfoliating gel, in addition to clean skin, this product also moisturizes and prevents skin aging effectively.

To subscribe to the best body lotion Top White D7 + D8 + D9 + D9 +, you can contact consultants at the exclusive White Top White Dealer or contact the Top White Office .

Why choose Top White?
Towards the message of sustainable development, Top White Cosmetics proud of the way of beauty for women during the past. Top White has built up a system with thousands of distributors, spreading across the provinces in Vietnam and many countries in the world. Received awards such as “SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATION OF VIETNAM”.