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Top White product set whitens skin, prevents melasma, freckles, age spots


The White Perfect D1-D2-D3 product set specializes in:
♠. Nourish white and smooth skin.
♠. Restore skin, reduce wrinkles, prevent skin aging.
♠. Effective combination of sunscreen and skin-damaging ingredients.
♠. Helps prevent darkening, pigmentation, freckles, age spots.


Do you want to whiten your skin or prevent melasma, freckles, age spots at the root and prevent melasma from returning? Use Top White's range of products.

Top White is one of the best skin whitening brands available today, extremely effective in preventing melasma, dark spots, freckles, age spots and eczema. Top White brand is currently being trusted by many people and brings great effectiveness in whitening, improving melasma, freckles, age spots.


  1. White Perfect D1 anti-aging skin whitening cream

White Perfect D1 cream is a special intensive research for a bright, rosy and smooth skin quickly, this is not an ordinary care product, with dark skin, dark spots, melasma, freckles, hills. Primer White Perfect D1 will help skin become white and pink in addition with UV blocking ingredients in the product to help protect your skin even during sleep to complete the best regeneration process in 10 days, with If the skin is rough, it is difficult to absorb and often becomes dull after a long time of use, then White Perfect D1 will help prevent dead cell plaques causing blockage on the skin so that the skin care steps will be absorbed quickly and effectively. higher.


2. White Perfect D2 . Night Cream

After the 12-15 day regeneration process, the skin is now white and new skin cells need to be nourished, then White Perfect D2 will continue the task of taking care of your skin White Perfect D2 : use White Perfect D2 at night to nourish new cells, with natural ingredients to keep the skin plump and prevent pigmentation from darkening, in hot and humid climates often use air conditioning while sleeping. White Perfect D2 water will help provide enough water and moisture at night for the skin to absorb in the best way, after 2-3 days of use you will be very satisfied with your skin and at this time we recommend you to should continue to use.

3. White Perfect D3 sunscreen day cream

For daytime protection  Top White  gives White Perfect D3 this is the perfect and smart final choice for skin care, the sunscreen contained in White Perfect D3 will help protect skin under the sun. , a high anti-aging agent, improves wrinkles and prevents the production of melanin pigments that darken the skin. In the product along with high-quality natural skin care ingredients to help your skin stay plump and pink.

This is a perfect and smart choice. Up to now, many products have been released to the market, every day we receive many compliments from customers, which is a worthy reward for serious research and respect for customers and that is also the criterion of our company. our company.

4.Top White Sexy Skin Cleansing Oil

It will be more wonderful when combined with a makeup remover for all skin types Sexy Skin Cleansing Oil. Although the product was born later, these new products of Top White bring a "new breeze" compared to other makeup remover products on the market. With the main ingredients extracted from nature such as almonds and aloe, it is very safe for users.

In addition, the product also works to remove dirt deep inside the skin, thick layers of makeup, even hard-to-remove makeup areas such as lips or "concentrated" mascara. All are removed outside with only a very small amount of oil. And in this high-end product set of Top White, it would be extremely incomplete without this new makeup remover product.

5. Skin Perfect D5 . Anti-Acne Cleanser

A harsh truth that humans cannot avoid the aging process - An inevitable milestone in the law of birth, aging, sickness and death of life. ️

Late age is warned by skin full of wrinkles, signs of sagging. You know, acne can collapse, skin can be whitened, and aging a skin, right?
Understanding the worries of women D6 was born, bringing a new step in the skin rejuvenation process. Each drop of precious essence combines with advanced anti-aging nutrients to help erase wrinkles, shrink pores, fade dark spots, bring firmness and smoothness to the skin. 

Instructions for using the complete set of D1-D2-D3-D5-D6:

White Perfect D1:  Use 4 times a day, day and night, after each wash with clean water and combine with Skin Perfect D5 cleanser twice a day morning and night. At night, when using White Perfect D1, to sleep overnight, regeneration time is from 10-30 days depending on the condition of thick, thin and weak skin, when the skin is too burning and there are signs of light dead cells, then stop D1 switch to use D2 at night and D3 during the day. But if you want better results, when the skin is a bit burning, continue to D1 until the next day the skin will not burn and peel anymore. If it is too painful, you should switch to D2-D3. After a week of nurturing, if you are not satisfied, then continue to return to regenerate D1, until the skin is beautiful, just maintain D2-D3 you will have pink and white skin as you want.

Note: For the best effect of 15 days, 1 box of D1 should be used up

With mildly tanned skin: just 1 bottle of D1-D2-D3 each, your skin is already very white.

For melasma skin, light freckles : still use D1-D2-D3 but D1 regenerates from 2 boxes.

With melasma skin, severe freckles : still D1-D2-D3 but increasing D1 more can regenerate D1 within 1 month.

**Note:  D1 should not be applied to the eyes. D1 regeneration time has some skin changes such as redness, mild itching or darkening. You can rest assured that using it is a sign that your skin is improving well and will have good results in about 10-15 days.

- D2 whitening night cream : after the skin burns, you go to D2 to nourish new cells, the skin will be white and smooth, pink, new skin appears and full of vitality. Just wash your face with Skin Perfect D5 cleanser, then apply D6 serum and D2 night cream on your skin before sleeping.

- D3 anti-aging cream and sunscreen during the day : To protect the smooth white skin D3 is an important and indispensable task. During the day, wash your face with Skin Perfect D5 cleanser, apply a thin layer of D6 serum and a sufficient layer of D3 on your skin even when you are indoors or out! If you continue to use this process, you will have beautiful white and pink skin without ever needing makeup. 

Some pictures before and after using White Perfect D1-D2-D3-D5-D6