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Lamelux Collagen 100,000 mg


LameLux Collagen & NNM is known as the "super product" of skin rejuvenation that every woman should not ignore, because the product contains the highest collagen content on the market today with 10,000mg per pack, combined with more The outstanding anti-aging active ingredient is NMN with a content of 500mg and many other "divine" beauty ingredients that help to beat all signs of age, maintain youth and bring many health benefits.

- Helps to make skin shiny, smooth, youthful, helps your skin to be regenerated to become youthful and smooth.
- Reduce wrinkles, folds, crow's feet at the end of the eyes.
- Enhance skin moisture, while helping to fade dark spots, melasma, freckles, brown spots for even, radiant skin.
- Supports skin lightening, reduces damage from UV and environment.
Stimulates natural collagen production in the body.
- Support fast wound healing, scar healing.
- Supplementing with collagen daily helps firm skin, minimizes the risk of roughness, dullness and aging.
- Helps lubricate joints for easy walking without pain.
- Health support: strengthen the function of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, gums, beautify teeth, hair, bright eyes.

✰ Main ingredients:
- Fish Collagen 10000mg/pack.
- NMN.
- Horse placenta.
- Extracted from bird's nest.
- Ceramides.
- Elastin.
- In addition, it also contains some indispensable ingredients in beauty nutrients such as: Vitamin C, dried plant fermentation powder, grapefruit seed extract, Hyaluonic Acid (Extracted from fruits) ...

⚠⚠ Instructions for use : For both men and women over 15 years old.
- Concentrated liquid form.
- Day 1-2 sachet mixed in warm or cool water.