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Angel's Liquid Glutathione Plus Centella Calming Body Mist 150 ml


Angel's Liquid Glutathione Plus Centella Calming Body Mist 150ml:

Brand : Angels Liquid
Made in Korea
Capacity: 150ml

Ingredients and Uses:

  • Outstanding mechanism of action thanks to the perfect combination of: BHA, Centella asiatica, mint, Glutathione, Niacinamide, Allantoin,... bringing a wonderful cooling experience, reducing acne and dark spots on the body. only after 7 days.
  • Reduce back acne, chest acne, arm acne, whiten skin caused by acne

  • Prevent acne and limit the spread of acne.

  • The product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


How to use:
- Use twice a day, morning and evening, after bathing.
- Spray the product on acne and dark skin areas
- Let it dry naturally for about 30 seconds so that the product can easily penetrate deeper into the inner skin layer.


Storage method:
Keep in a cool place, away from sunlight