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Pomelo Slimming Care Jelly 15 Packs x 20g


Pomelo Slimming Care Jelly Sticks 


Slimming Care green grapefruit jelly with ingredients from familiar natural herbal sources, Slimming Care weight loss product has an effective weight loss effect that users do not need to diet. Slimming Care grapefruit jelly for weight loss easily removes excess fat in the most difficult places to lose fat, helps cool the liver, replenish blood, and beautify the skin from deep within.



-Elimination and elimination of toxins accumulated in the body

- Cool the liver, clear heat, nourish the blood, beautify the skin from the inside

- No side effects because the ingredients are completely from healthy herbs

- No need to fast, maintain a normal diet, can limit starch and fatty foods, alcohol

- Losing weight even with difficult to lose parts such as thighs, biceps, abdomen 



- Green tea 

- Green Skin Grapefruit Extract

- Honeysuckle

- Green apple

- Collagen essence

- Vitamin E&C

How to Use:

-1 pack per day use before or after breakfast 15-30 minutes.

- 1 box can be reduced from 1 to 3kg.


Note : 

-Do not use for pregnant women, people with high blood pressure, people with a history of heart disease, people with diabetes.

-  Do not use for people who are sensitive to any ingredient of the product

- Keep out of reach of Children