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DAMODE BEAUTY Orchistem Cream 30 g


Orchistem Power Cream is a line of extremely benign skin care, aging and skin rejuvenation products. Exclusive formula manufactured under License of Royal ThaiLand Pharmaceutical Company. Raw materials are imported and packaged in Vietnam with modern fully closed technology, meeting strict standards, certified by the Ministry of Health.

This is a multi-functional and multi-functional product. It is called anti-aging white stem cell cream. The ingredients of the product are all extracted from nature. Some of the prominent ingredients are:

  • Rare orchid stem cells from Japan
  • Saffron pistil
  • Flavonoid Essence
  • Glycerin Essence
  • Orchid stem cells 

In addition, there are many other skin care ingredients. Women tell each other that the product is the perfect antidote to aging. If used regularly, the skin will become shiny, youthful. 

Why should I use Orchistem Power Cream?

Orchistem Power Cream from Damode Beauty will bring many useful uses for women. As follows: 

  • Supports and reduces dark spots, pigmentation and dark spots. The skin will be regenerated and restored effectively
  • Maintains and provides the necessary warmth for the skin to be supple and smooth
  • Tightens pores and reduces oiliness. The cream is easily absorbed into the skin and is not greasy
  • Provides nutrients to improve skin tone. These nutrients will help to even out the skin tone, remove pigmentation causing dark skin
  • Supports and stimulates natural collagen production. The skin will become firm and have good elasticity

How to use Orchistem Power Cream properly?

Although Orchistem Power Cream has many good effects, everyone needs to use it properly. Especially when washing your face and applying creams. As follows:  

  • First, we need to clean our face with cleanser and makeup remover.
  • Everyone, please take an appropriate amount of cream and dot 5 points evenly on the face. Spread the cream on the skin from those 5 points. 
  • In the process of applying, everyone should combine with massage and patting. Today will help the cream to be absorbed and the skin more easily absorbed
  • Every time you go out, everyone should use sunscreen to protect the skin most comprehensively

Besides, everyone should use it regularly with 2 times a day. The cream is easily absorbed and nourishes the skin from deep within.

Combining Orchistem Power Cream and Orchistem Serum - a complete skin care solution

With an all-in-one skin care product like Orchistem Power Cream stem cell cream, it saves a lot of money on other skin care products and also time spent on skin care.

However, creams with larger molecular particles than serums. You can combine Orchistem Serum to penetrate the skin 5 times deeper than cream. Orchistem Serum will deeply affect the damage in the dermis of the skin. After applying orchistem serum, you lock the serum layer, providing additional nutrients with Orchistem Power Cream stem cell cream will bring even more outstanding results.