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Regamo 10 Vaginal Ovules

$55.00 $44.00

Regamo Vaginal Ovules helps to clean the intimate area, prevent bacteria from entering to fight infections, mold, reduce itching, help "girl" pink and tight to add sublimation to "love" relationships pleasant aroma.

Aladdin introduced

The process of pregnancy and childbirth, repeated sex, unclean private hygiene, hormone changes, external influences... These are the causes of "devastating" "little girl", causing havoc. Therefore, the phenomenon of darkening, widening, inflammation, bad smell, itching ... makes women miserable and lose confidence when they are close to "partners".

Regamo Vaginal Ovules is made from a formula containing Kacip Fatimah leaf extract from Malaysia, this herb is the "treasure" of women. Kacip Fatimah leaves not only clean, prevent bacteria and mold from appearing, and fight infections in the private area, but Kacip Fatimah leaves also shrink the vaginal canal and relieve pain for women after childbirth, promote blood circulation to fade dark spots, make Slows down skin aging in sensitive areas, nourishes the pink "girl" and effectively tightens it to make love more passionate.

The composition of Regamo Vaginal Ovules has Nopal cactus extract. This is a type of cactus with high nutritional value, great medicinal properties, so it is used to prepare health care products. For the health of the "private area", the Nopal cactus is proven to effectively reduce inflammation and swelling, protect the "little girl" from negative effects, prevent aging to keep her rosy, tight and healthy. increase the elasticity of the intimate area, and at the same time prevent cancers of the female reproductive organs.

In addition, the composition of the tablet has a combination of propolis, evening primrose, sage, Bulgarian rose essential oil, Sodium Hyaluronate (HA)... , rejuvenation from deep inside helps "the little girl" return to being like a girl, increasing the effectiveness of tightening the private area to make every love more sublimated, moisturizing the vagina against dryness.

Regamo Vaginal Ovules gynecological tablets with natural herbal fragrance, bring a gentle fragrance. In particular, gentle natural ingredients should be safe for "the little girl", against damage, irritation and side effects that occur.


Nopal Cactus, Kacip Fatimah Herbal, Propolis, Evening Primrose, Sage, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate (HA).


- Overcome inflammation, fungus, itching ... to help "little girl" always clean, no more bad breath, unpleasant odors.

- Reduce itching, improve elasticity of "little girl", increase contractility, increase excitement in married life.

- Tighten "little girl" from the inside out, tighten and whiten "little girl".

- Rejuvenation from deep inside helps the "little girl" return to being like a girl.

How to use

- Put 1 capsule daily into the vagina, preferably at night before going to bed.

- Support for inflammatory and gynecological treatment: 3 boxes/1 course of continuous use.

- Pregnant women put to prevent infection.

- Place the gynecologist 4 hours before sex.

Packaging : Box of 2 blisters x 5 tablets.

Producer : Ekuberg – via Pozzelle, 36, 73025, Martano (LE), Italy.

Origin : Italy.

Note: Effects may vary depending on the user's location.