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Sato Dalacin T Gel 1% Acne / Pimple Treatment 10g x 10


Dalacin T Gel 1% Ance/ Pimple Treatment MADE IN JAPAN

Brand name :Dalacin T Gel 1%

Active ingredient: Clindamycin


Dalacin T Gel 1% helps treat acne, redness, acne scars safely, quickly suitable for all skin types


Dalacin T Gel 1% acne cream is a popular product in the Japanese market, helping you be confident with clear, healthy, and smooth skin. The main ingredient is Clindamycin Phosphate which helps to treat acne, reduce redness, make acne breakout and dry, and also help to regenerate the skin left by acne. The product is the most ideal choice for safe acne treatment.


The effect of this medicine is inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis with lincomycin-based external antibiotics. They are usually used for the treatment of acne (pimple with suppurative inflammation).


Usage: After face-wash, apply an appropriate amount to an affected part twice a day.


Note: You use it only for skin, and please do not use it for ophthalmology use.