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SexyHair Calm Sexy Hair Leaf-In Leave-In Soothing Conditioner - 6.8 oz (Buy 3 Get 1 Free Mix & Match)


Nourish your strands with Leaf-In Soothing Conditioner infused with 100mg of 99% Pure CBD. Formulated to reduce breakage while soothing from roots to ends for healthier hair starting at the scalp.


How To Use:

Here to ease the stress, so just relax, spritz from roots to ends on damp hair for nourishment starting at the scalp and we’ll take care of the rest. To dry or not to dry, the decision is up to you…no judgements.

Pro Tip: Refresh moisture on second, third & fourth day hair by scrunching Leaf-In in from midlengths to ends & then layer with Wetfix & Chill for added control.