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Prospan Cough Syrup For Babies and Children 100 ml


When the little ones are plagued by coughs and blocked bronchi, they need effective and very well-tolerated help: Prospan®Cough syrup with the ivy special extract EA 575®relieves the urge to cough, soothes inflamed bronchi, loosens stubborn mucus and has a bronchodilator effect - so the little ones can breathe freely again. After a restful night, the chances are good for playing and having fun together the next day. Tasty cherry flavor without sugar makes it easier for infants*, babies* and toddlers to take - tastes good and helps effectively so that your child gets well again quickly.

* Consult your doctor for infants under one year old

Noticeably strong for coughs and bronchitis

The 4-fold effect that Prospan®speaks:


Frees stubborn mucus and supports expectoration.


Breathe again if everything feels tight and the cough is causing breathing problems.


Relieves the urge to cough so that you can quickly participate in everyday life again undisturbed by coughing attacks.


Reduces inflammation and allows symptoms to subside more quickly.